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Welcome to Ingenica

Ingenica offers quality and efficiency improvements for industrial production processes using modern Camera Inspection Systems (Machine Vision) and intelligent software.

Using 1D, 2D en 3D image aquisition, the industrial inspection system 'MultiCheck' and optimized (LED-) illumination Ingenica realizes a tailor-made system. When possible, we use the stand-alone vision systems of Cognex. If desired, the production parameters can be stored per inspection cycle into a database to realize a Data Driven production process.

In addition, Ingenica develops camera based instruments (as 'FlashView') to record, visualize and improve (fast) industrial processes like machine and product movements.

Last but not least, Ingenica offers you the possibility to develop custom-made software, training and independent advice in the field of Machine Vision.

On our website you will find some of our Camera-Inspection-Solutions. Please feel free to contact us and make use of our very extensive expertise regarding Machine Vision to solve your Camera-Inspection-Task!
MultiCheck-'Print' inspects 'inline' every printed (metal) sheet using a very high resolution and accuracy. A 'Line Scan' camera, combined with a a homogeneous LED illumination, acquires  a complete shot of a (metal) sheet. The image will be learned automatically as a reference.

During the production, the image of every new sheet will be compared with the recorded reference image. As soon as the differences are out of tolerance, the system signals the operator or the line control system for a timely intervention.

The specific inspection algorithms are optimized for a 'dynamic transport' of the material: it takes the movement of the material during transport into account. The algoritm even corrects image distortion as a result of transport impurities.
Print Inspection - Press Inspection
The MultiCheck-'Spot-Detection' detects contamination ('spot') on a cheese surface.

The cheese surface is being checked as soon as the cheese comes out of the brine bath, in an intermediate phase during threatment or even when the cheese is wrapped in foil. The Spot-Detection-System will be tailored to your production situation to perform the most optimal inspection.

Additionally, when the cheeses are wrapped in foil, a MultiCheck-'Leak-Detection' can prevent that cheeses are delivered in leaking, without vacuum, bags.

Cheese-Spot-Detection - Cheese inspection
Ingenica's MultiCheck-Glue-Inspection-System for Folding-Gluing lines acquires an image of every product druing production using a Line Scan Camera.

The system inspects if there is enough of glue on the desired points. It also inspects if there is no glue where it shouldn't be. Right away, the carton flaps are checked if the folding is in the correct manner.

At exactly the right moment, if nescessary, an eject signal will be generated.
Glue Inspection
The Camera-Inspection-System MultiCheck-'End-of-Line' is developed for processors of fresh food. The system has been made in cooperation with IFS Nederland B.V.

The system checks various aspects of a fresh food package like foil, labeling and potential contamination in the seal.  

As soon as the package meets the criteria, it can be sent to the supermarket.
End-Of-Line Inspection
After the first growth, plants in horticulture are sorted using MultiCheck-Classification.

Classification is carried out using various views of the small plant. The plants are then sorted by robots. Classifiction is based on size and color.

An operator learns the system with just a few mouse clicks how the classification takes place and receives feedback of the results in graphic form.
Plant Classification - Horticulture
FlashView creates razor-sharp synchronized, 'stroboscopic', images of every product passing the camera. The images from each camera are displayed simultaneously on the screen. This gives the operator an impression of the performance of one or more production lines at a glance.

As an option a part of the camera image can be pointed as critical. In case of an incorrect product, the camera generates a rejection signal.

High Speed Imaging
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