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MultiCheck 'Print'
MultiCheck-'Print' was developed for the print industry. It inspects autonomously and 'inline' every printed (metal) sheet using a very high resolution and accuracy.

The Camera Inspection System acquires, using a 'Line Scan' camera and a homogeneous LED illumination, a complete shot of a (metal sheet). The image will be learned automatically as a reference.

During the production, the image of every sheet will be compared with the recorded reference image. As soon as the differences are out of tolerance, the system signals the operator or the line control system for a timely intervention.

The specific inspection algorithms are optimized for a 'dynamic transport' of the material: it takes the movement of the material during transport into account. The algoritm even corrects image distortion as a result of transport impurities.
The following inspections are applied:
Position of the print
Color intensity and intensity differences
Lack of ink
Smudge, scratches, damage
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