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A MultiCheck system contains all necessary components to inspect products in the production machine. The various parts are placed in or connected with a compact control unit. This unit can be mounted directly to the production machine.

Line Scan Camera
  A Line Scan Camera operates as a flat bed scanner. However, the camera has a fixed position and the product moves under the camera. Therefore, there is only a little space needed in the production machine, a few centimeters, to acquire a digital image of every product.

  A stably illuminated product is a core requirement within the technology of Machine Vision. Therefore, every MultiCheck system is equipped with an intelligent illumination.   

Adjustable inspection software
  Every image made by the camera appears into the user interface of the inspection software. The product is evaluated on the basis of adjustable criteria: is the product made according to specifications or is the quality too poor?    

PLC control
  As soon as a product is rejected by the software, it should be marked or rejected. The MultiCheck PLC controller generates exactly at the right moment the right reject signal. The rejected product will not be delivered to your customer. The PLC controller follows the product until it reaches the reject position.    

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