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MultiCheck 'Chees Reading System'
To visualize and optimize the production process of pieces of cheese, Ingenica has developed the 'Cheese Reading System' (based on MultiCheck). On every piece of cheese you can find a 'Kaasmerk'. More and more, an unique data matrix code is printed on every Kaasmerk. The MultiCheck systems acquires an image of every cheese, inspects the cheese and decodes the data matrix code (score: 99,9%).

  In the meantime other measuring equipment (weight, moisture) generate cheese specific data. Those data are combined by MultiCheck with the unique serial number (data matrix code) of the cheese and stored in an external database with production data (Oracle, Microsoft, QiSoft). The performance of the general production process can be visualized any moment. Besides of that, the production parameters of every separate piece of cheese can be checked immediately!

The MultiCheck 'Cheese Reading System' contains:
Stainless Steel Cabinet
A compact stainless steel cabinet containing a Line Scan Camera and illumination. The cabinet is mounted directly above the production line
Stainless Steel interface enclosure
A stainless steel enclosure containing different interfaces to the separate measuring systems
A powerfull processor with MultiCheck user interface for operation and placement in an operator room
  Optional the system can be expanded with an inspection module to detect and to sort out 'open crost', damages and contaminations
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